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Why our clients love working with us!

Lostock Dog training


“Jason we think you are a star. We know our problems won’t be solved overnight but the immediate improvement has already made our lives and that of our visitors 100 percent better.

We will continue your training methods with Benji and look forward to reaping the rewards. Once again many thanks from both us and Benji because we needed training as much as the dog did. Thanks”

Greater Manchester Dog training


“Jason I feel you have helped us greatly so once again thank you”

Eccles Manchester Dog training


“A fantastic service that gave me so much confidence in dealing with Jaspers issues and little traits.

Not only did Jason give me tips on how to deal with his separation stress but also ideas on how to deal with other little issues that I used to shout at Jasper for.

Now I am able to deal with them in a calm manner that helps Jasper understand that he is not supposed to behave like that.

As a health visitor it made me see that dealing with dogs is very similar to children especially in the time out section that has proved to work remarkably.  Jasper is a much happier dog and I am a happier owner. Thank you so much.”

Ramsbottom Dog training


“Jason’s obedience training was first class. His rapport straight away with Max, my springer spaniel, was excellent .

His tuition was both interesting and informative. After the session we found Max much easier to handle. I would use Jason’s services again and would certainly recommend him.”

Walsden Dog training


“We have a brilliant dog aged 6 months with a number of small but irritating habits – e.g. pawing us, barking at us for attention and a number of other behaviours that we needed help to correct.

We found the techniques you taught us had a really significant impact and our dog is calmer and easier to live with !

It also really helped to have your written feedback and links to more information as it was difficult to recall everything. 

I also enjoyed learning more about the dogs thinking and the reason for his behaviour. We still have a few issues to work on and it’s good to know that you are in contact with us so we can ask questions and receive your advice.”

Padiham Dog training


“You displayed an immediate affinity with Hornby, and demonstrated gentle yet effective ways to address our issues.

A good mix of theory and practice over the session, correcting our own misconceptions about how to best deal with him.

The range of small, yet simple changes suggested has had immediate effects, and in only a few weeks after the session we have seen great improvements.

We have clear instructions as to how to move forward and where to focus, and feel much more confident that our problems with Hornby can be solved.”

Carrington Dog training


“We were having some difficulties with our puppy nipping and barking and displaying attention seeking behaviour so we trawled the internet to look for help. 

Upon finding Jason’s website we were really impressed with his attitude to training and his client testimonials were all extremely positive. 

I rang Jason and he returned my call that same day and arranged to come and meet us all.

From the minute we met Jason, we could see how professional and genuine he is. 

He has such an in depth knowledge of dog behaviour and is really passionate about what he does.  He had Alfie whipped into shape in no time and gave us some really useful techniques to use to calm him down.

Alfie is a changed dog.  He is much happier and calm and so are we!  I will definitely use Jason in the future and have already recommended him to friends. Thanks so much for all your help!”

Leigh Dog training


“I was open minded about the behavioural approach – but if I’m honest I had previously preferred Cesar’s way – but this clearly wasn’t working for me (or the dogs!).

I was worried that this method of training was bribery. How wrong I was!

From the beginning Jason was approachable, encouraging and yet a hard task-master!

The technique is not about bribery but about understanding how my dog communicates in order to build a trusting relationship. I watched as my dog began to work things out about how he should behave, learning from me and from other dogs.

I became more confident as I realised that he was able to think, and to problem solve and together we have become a confident team.

He is learning how to be calm and sociable and I am learning that I can trust him and give him the freedom he deserves.

Be prepared to work hard between sessions to do the homework set – it really does pay off. Thanks Jason for enabling me to enjoy my dog!”

Atherton Dog training


“Definitely 5 out of 5.  I have a much more understanding of my dog cheers Jason”

Rochdale Dog training


“Jason gave excellent and clear instructions to help our dog Doug. Our dog has come along way and is becoming the fantastic dog that we know he can be.

We cannot thank Jason enough for the help and advice he has given us to help Doug.”

Lancashire Dog training


“I found Jason very informative and very easy to understand in order to go forward in training my dog.

It has been extremely interesting in hearing what Jason has had to say.”

Lancashire Dog Behaviourist


“I thought the service was informative, helping me to understand my dogs and how I may contribute to the issue and the solution.

Jason is very easy to talk to and gives clear instructions, hints and tips and feedback on how you are doing.”

Leyland Dog Trainer

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