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Why our clients love working with us!

Bury Dog Behaviour Specialist


“We were so impressed by the clear precise guidance we were given – which when put into practice after Jason left really worked!!!

Our puppy is eager to learn and we are eager to teach her with the communication skills Jason gave us. Jason knows how to communicate with the dog….and hopefully now so do we.

There was nothing complicated and everything made sense and was easy to follow. Thank you”

Bolton Dog Behaviour Specialist


“Found Jason fantastic and not only did he help to put me on the right track to correcting my dogs’ more annoying traits but he managed to do that without talking down to me or making me feel like an idiot for not having got the basics sorted. Would definitely recommend him.”

Radcliffe Dog Behaviour Specialist


“The session was very interesting and you were very good in the way you explained things and the calm way you were with my dogs“.

Prestwich Dog Behaviour Specialist


“The insights into body language and responses were interesting and gave clarity to situations that I have seen previously.

Some of the techniques and tips that you gave us were very clear and useful whilst being tailored to our specific situation and routine.

Overall we are very happy with the service received and would certainly recommend you to other owners who are having problems

Whitefield Dog Behaviour Specialist


“Jason was very professional and helpful. He guided the training session to our individual difficulties and showed us what to do rather than just tell us.

I found the training session very enjoyable and helpful. I would definitely recommend Jason to other dog owners who have training issues.”

Salford Dog Behaviour Specialist


“Jason came recommended from a local dog owner, as we have been struggling with our highly reactive German shepherd cross Dolly with traffic squirrels, cats , birds and DOGS!!!

We are aware that Dolly is going to take time but with Jason’s knowledge in assessing the problems with the 2 hour lessons we have received the information we need to help her on the journey to calmness (this also applies to us!!)

The email information that we regularly receive on how to help your dog’s behaviour has been such a great help to us and when things have been pretty desperate he was there at the other end of the telephone to reassure and guide us.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jason to others so thankful to the local dog owner.”

Rawtenstall Dog Behaviour Specialist


“Just a few lines to say how impressed I am with Jason, his manner & how the dog is the centre of his training & his training is not too involved that you find it too difficult to understand.

Everything he does you can grasp quite quickly which makes using his information with your dog not to complicated”

Rossendale Dog Behaviour Specialist


“Jason is definitely a dog whisperer. He literally had total control and could have the dog doing anything he wanted her to do . I think my dog was actually besotted with him !!

He’s a very calming person , very good at explaining how and why to go about things in training and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing help and guidance with their pet (or more to the point showing us as an owner how to behave !!)

The information he provides after his visit is really helpful and interesting and is backed by videos of demonstrations.

Definitely worth his weight in gold”

Haslingden Dog Behaviour Specialist


“Jason’s training sessions were very informative and we learnt a lot. We were able to train our puppy using the emails that Jason sent out.”

Accrington Dog Behaviour Specialist


“Jason was amazing with my puppy… He calmed him down within minutes and by the end of the session he was calm and happy and this has continued.

The emails I get are a great help and you can dip in and out at your leisure…

I can’t recommend Jason highly enough it was the best thing I have ever done…

I have a healthy happy puppy and it is a pleasure to see the behaviour change in him…. Try it.. it really works!”

Blackburn Dog Behaviour Specialist


“My dog Simba was becoming a pain. Every walk was a nightmare and every step was too big. Jason came in and immediately worked out that Simba was just terrified of everything. We bought every item Jason suggested and less than one week into training our 4 year old pup and he has already made a huge change.

Thank you Jason.”

Burnley Dog Behaviour Specialist


“We found Jason’s help invaluable. Our rescue dog really struggled with other dogs.

Jason explained he was so stressed and didn’t know how to deal with other dogs. I was also stressed and the walks were not relaxing.

Jason taught us to understand what Jeff was going through and how to help him. Jason is calm and kind with both dog and owner and is also willing to spend time talking to you on the phone which was great support to me.

After 4 sessions, 2 with Jason’s dog, our boy is getting better by the day, walks are much more relaxed and we are confident we will soon have a great dog who is no longer anxious.

Cannot recommend Jason highly enough and will definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help.”

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