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Why our clients love working with us!

Heywood Dog Trainer


“Jason came to help me with my pup, she was biting and unruly, I carried on with Jason’s instructions which helped and the videos he sent to me.

Overall it was money well spent and I would recommend him.”

Rochdale Dog Trainer


“Jason was great with my dog, clear advice given on training and lots of helpful emails and advice.”

New Moston Dog Trainer


“Jason was excellent with Boris! He has such a calm approach, understands dogs so well and everything he explained made perfect sense!

We now know that we have an anxious dog and not an aggressive one. There is a difference!

Jason firstly spoke to us, whilst watching Boris’s behaviour, and then we headed out for a walk and gave us lots to work on.

Boris is making good progress but lockdown has hindered this as with social distancing its hard to get close to other dogs and owners.

Jason completely understands that and we know he is only a call or an email away if we need anything. Each day we keep putting all the techniques into practice and are very pleased with the results!

Boris and ourselves are much more relaxed around other dogs and humans!

Boris even allowed a strange lady to stroke him whilst out the other day! Such an amazing achievement for him!

Thanks Jason and I’ll be in touch for our next appointment. We have also already recommended you to family and friends.”

Moston Dog Trainer


“Jason helped me so much with my dog. I was out of my depth with my dog. He was biting us in the house and pulling an awful lot whilst walking on the lead, he wasn’t listening to me at all.

He had pulled me over so many times. I thought he was badly behaved, but with the help of Jason and with time, I am learning to read my dogs body language and his mine.

My dog is coming on so well with the training and getting to grips and is settling. We still have work to do but it seems to be going in the right direction.

These situations are not resolved over night, lots of time and dedication is required but it is so worth the effort!!”

Failsworth Dog Trainer


“Good informative information given to us, to train our lovely rescue dog to who we had no information about. The training has really helped de-stress our dog and us too.”

Manchester Dog Trainer


“We loved our session with you and the follow up emails were both interesting and helped to remind us that you were still supporting us.

Your training was intense and we learned so much about Trixie and about dog behaviour in general that has been incredibly useful in our journey with Trixie.

You reminded us that rescue dogs have often experienced trauma and we have since learned that Trixie’s start was incredibly difficult and sad.

She needs a lot more work but she is a different dog already and has even learned to play with balls, where before she cowered if anything came near her.

We know that our journey with Trixie will be slow but we are determined to stick with her, and with the training because she deserves it.”

Warrington Dog Trainer


“Jason is so so good. My dog has improved so much and it’s handy to have him on hand for any help I may need”

West Houghton Dog Trainer


“Jason helped us tremendously with our rescue dog who was terrified of the outside world and lead reactive with other dogs.

Training Jason gave me was so helpful and over 4 months we had a massive improvement.”

Bolton Dog Trainer


“Jason was fab and we have recommended him to a few friends… He knows his stuff and was really helpful”

Horwich Dog Trainer


“Wonderful and helpful and professional service”

Leigh Dog Trainer


“Jason arrived on time and immediately demonstrated one of the areas of training we wanted, and it worked.

An excellent 1.5 hours in the home where it was a case of explanation, demonstration practice.

All topics worked as Jason described, albeit our Cockapoo did need a few, in some cases more than a few, attempts to get the idea.

A very informative 1.5 hours but delivered in a very easy to understand way. The follow up emails, videos and links are very useful, allowing you to build up your own library and revisit any topics you need.

Most interesting suggestion to us was feeding from a Large Kong, we were sceptical but Ollie loves eating from it and it does make him eat in a more controlled manner with a bit of play as well.

Jason was thorough on the day and in follow up, we would not hesitate in recommending him to family and friends, although as Jason reminded us a number of times, training and teaching your dog is a never ending cycle.”

Astley Dog Trainer


“Simple, straightforward and brilliant training! Highly recommended… Life changing for us and Rory!

Following Jason’s training, we are now able to walk our large deerhound lurcher relaxed and with enjoyment. Previously, it became a nightmare.

Rory is 12 months old, tall and strong and his previous behaviour with other dogs was a serious cause for concern. He is friendly but almost pulled us over in the presence of other dogs and would start barking. Very intimidating for other dogs and owners.

Now, we have all learnt that Rory was anxious and unsure thus the behaviour. Using Jason’s techniques, now we are able to walk Rory with ‘training moments’ that benefit us all. The stress has gone and even if he has an occasional slip back, we’ve learnt and so has Rory, that it can quickly be corrected both on and off lead.

Rory is much happier now and we feel so much more confident. The follow up emails are really helpful too which you can refer to when needed.

We’ve learnt so much about dog behaviour and the signals they give and how they communicate with each other…and us!

Lots to learn after the actual session. Jason has a calm, friendly manner in delivering his training.

He is very approachable and bolsters your confidence… never makes you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing.

Just helpful, clear and demonstrated training instructions. Would recommend Jason every time!

Thanks Jason from us all!”

Rochdale Dog Trainer

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