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Why our clients love working with us!

Oldham Dog trainer


“Very helpful, gave clear instructions, and was very good with my dog.”

Rochdale Dog trainer


“Jason was so helpful and showed me the techniques I needed to help train my dog and the emails are very helpful indeed.”

Bolton Dog trainer


“Jason’s instruction and explanation of dog behaviour was clear and illuminating. He was calm and patient with our dog -and us!”

Bury Dog trainer


“Jason was able to quickly help us understand what our dog is thinking. Helping us to look for signs and signals so we could understand what she was trying to tell us.

We now have a far more confident dog who is a pleasure to walk with. Soon I will be meeting and greeting other dogs off the lead. Thanks Jason.”

Ashton Dog trainer


“Great advice for a young pup and for my family. Thanks Jason”

Hyde Dog trainer


“Jason has a natural talent for understanding dogs…and as importantly their owners and their shortcomings.

He gives clear instruction that, for us, has had an immediate and positive impact. This, combined with the after session support, make the training a well worthwhile experience that should enhance the pleasure of dog ownership for years to come.”

Stockport Dog trainer


“Jason is a very highly skilled behaviourist who knew exactly the right way to address my dog’s problems.

His training was easy to follow and through the emails received after the home visit I now understand my dog much better.”

Reddish Dog trainer


“Great service, Jason explained things in a clear manner. It was easy to understand.

Would definitely recommend him and use it again if needed. Thanks for the help and advice.”

Sale Dog trainer


“My dog is so much calmer now and I find your support emails helpful too.

I have also recommended you to people at work. Thanks again Jason.”

Eccles Dog trainer


” I have 3 Yorkshire terriers, 2 girls and one boy and suddenly the girls began fighting with each other to the point the couldn’t be in the same room.

We were living with 2 dogs downstairs and one upstairs as the girls couldn’t even see each other without nearly killing each other!!

Jason came and with his help with the training, not only them but me 2. We have 3 happy dogs and a happy house and we still train every day.

I am so grateful for Jason’s help as I don’t know what I would have done without it.

Even after he went if I had any questions or just needed some help I could text him when ever and he got back to me with advice.”

Salford Dog trainer


“If you’re reading these testimonials I guess it’s because you need help and you are wondering whether Jason is the person to help.

If so don’t hesitate any longer, get in touch with Jason! I have owned dogs for nearly 40 years and attended different training classes over the years but Jason taught me so much in just 2 hours – I wish I had known him 40 years ago!

His training methods are kind, easy to understand and above all highly effective. He teaches you not only how to address any issues you may have with your dog but also how to understand your dog better.

Everything he teaches is backed up by emails containing all the training methods and so much more. He is always available on the phone to help with any issues which arise.

His service is so much more than the visit and training session. He has a genuine interest in you and your dog and wants you to succeed.

He is so easy to get on with and totally non-judge-mental about you or your dog. He never talks down to you or makes you feel that your dog’s issues are your fault, he just offers lots of effective ideas and encouragement.

Our family and friends noticed a difference in Hugo straight away.

I am having such fun with Hugo now putting into practice all Jason’s ideas and he is really calm and happy as he is being stimulated and challenged in such a positive way.

I can’t thank Jason enough for the difference he has made to my relationship with Hugo.

Jason calls his business ‘Simply Dog Behaviour’ . I would add ‘Simply The Best’.”

Little Hulton Dog trainer


“I can’t recommend Jason enough! Our Weimaraner, Lola, has been pinned down frequently by one dog in the park we regularly walk in.

This resulted in her lunging and growling at most other dogs, sometimes quite aggressively.

I didn’t help the situation as I started to avoid other dogs and would hold her tightly on the lead when passing.

I knew this was wrong, but had lost confidence in myself and her, and didn’t know what to do. It took a lot for me to admit I needed help, as I really thought I knew dogs after 50-odd years of dog ownership!

Jason was encouraging, understanding and non-judgmental from the beginning. On our first two hour session in the park, he pointed out from Lola’s body language that she was really frightened.

He took the lead and for the first time in months, Lola walked past and even had a couple of nose-to-noses with dogs that she would have definitely previously lunged at. 

Jason is calm, positive, reassuring and so knowledgable of dog lanaguage. As he says, he speaks dog, and he has taught me to speak dog too.

He explains everything so thoroughly, which makes it easier to put into practice. He is so calm, it made me calm, which obviously, in turn, made Lola calm! 

I started to see a difference in Lola’s behaviour after just the first week of training, and she continues to improve now, even 3 months on – the difference is incredible! 

So much is taught in the session, I was worried I wouldn’t remember it all, but Jason sends feedback and loads of relevant videos and articles which are really interesting.

He offers phone and email back up, which I haven’t needed as he has me taught so much during the sessions, but it’s reassuring to know he’s just on the other end of the phone if needed. 

I have two Weims and am putting into practice many things that I have learnt. I feel I now understand why my dogs are behaving in certain ways and am so much better equipped to deal with it.

Lola is doing fab now, we are both enjoying our walks again and it is ALL down to Jason. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jason to anybody who feels the same way as I did. Thank you so much Jason!”

Dukinfield Dog Trainer

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