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Why our clients love working with us!

Shaw Dog Behaviourist


“Jason is fantastic at what he does and gave us lots of insight into why Ronnie behaves the way he does. I could never of remembered all the info Jason gave us on the day, would definitely recommend Jason to family and friends”

Royton Dog Behaviourist


“Jason spent a couple of hours assessing Lincoln, my 1yr bulldog cross and observed him closely before reaching a conclusion on the triggers for the behaviour.

Lincoln found it difficult to calm himself and became overstimulated causing him to have crazy and possible dangerous behaviour. This was a major concern for us making us anxious around him and others.

Lincoln has come on so well with Jason’s techniques and guidance and has educated us on how us as owners can help our beloved dogs by changing our behaviour and rewarding the positive behaviours with reinforcement, and Jason’s techniques on how to deal with the unwanted behaviour which in Lincoln’s case was quite a lot.

We are continuing these techniques and we can already see a massive difference, I feel much more confident around Lincoln and the bond development is amazing, Knowing Jason provides aftercare prior to our session is reassuring also as any questions needed he will try his best to give his advice Thankyou so much Jason”

Uppermill Dog Behaviourist


“Jason is an exceptional Dog Trainer, he explains everything and it’s not just Freddie that needed training it was me.

Freddie responded to all that Jason did and Jason also explained what he was doing and why to me.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use Jason again and friends and neighbours were interested to ask about Jason’s methods, to which I gave Jason’s phone number to them.

Thank you Jason for all your help and guidance”

Greenfield Dog Behaviourist


Only Jason provided a workeable solution to the problems we were having. It’s not a quick fix but a few people have commented on the improvement in our dogs’ behaviour. We are very grateful

Greenfield Dog Training


Found Jason very patient and calm. Have clear easy to understand advice and instructions.

The additional email information has proved invaluable and a good resource as a refresher when needed.

Would highly recommend Jason to any other dog owners who require any help.

Todmorden Dog Training


I found Jason very calm and knowledgeable. He was welcomed by my dogs and played with them.

He explained everything clearly and demonstrated how to do the training. I felt that as well as training my dogs he was showing me how to do it.

My dogs are a lot calmer after this but there are some areas still to be covered. I like the almost daily emails from Jason giving step by step advice etc.

I feel I can enjoy my dogs better now they know the basics. Money well spent in my opinion, Thank-you Jason.

Todmorden Dog Trainer


Excellent service.

“I would recommend it to anyone. His training service is competent and helpful. Thank you

Halifax Dog Trainer


Gizmo was a longed for family pet and we were very disheartened when our family started sitting in separate rooms because of the mouthing.

As I write this Gizmo is nestled with us watching a movie. He is now a joy.

I am so glad I didn’t hesitate in contacting Jason. Our dog is now a beloved and integral family member thanks to the simple techniques that Jason taught us

Halifax Dog behaviourist


“Jason was incredibly patient and caring with Archer. He gave us easy tips and tricks to help Archer to be more relaxed and to listen to commands.

We have noticed an incredible improvement in Archer’s behaviour because we understand his cues better and can help him to be a happier, more relaxed dog. Thank you Jason!”

Heptonstall Dog behaviourist

Linda and Simon

“Jason is very personable and friendly. He put us at ease as soon as we met him and helped us understand how our dog is thinking and how she learns.

He’s practical and hands on – for example we had an issue with our dog getting stressed in the car and rather than just telling what to do to address this, he showed us by coming in the car for a short journey with our dog, and gave us step by step coaching as to what to do when she barked or got stressed.

We now feel more equipped to handle whatever arises in the future. We would use Jason again without hesitation and thoroughly recommend him.

He helped us at a point where we were finding it impossible to handle some of our rescue dogs behaviour – Jason helped us turn things around and we are now enjoying time with our dog and feel more in control. Thank you Jason.”

Lancashire Dog behaviourist


Hi Jason thank you for your support, all is going ok with Sophie. Your training was very helpful, I would recommend you to other new puppy owners”

West Yorkshire Dog behaviourist


“I’d tried everything, I rescued another lovely dog with such potential when I retired.

He was reactive, my planned relaxation was turned into stress. It was overwhelming, I was avoiding situations often. Jason gave me the confidence & skill to confront the situations & succeed. Life changer for me & Max.

I’ve seen various trainers with various methods. Jason is the best he really is”

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