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Why our clients love working with us!

Cheadle Hulme Dog trainer


“Jason helped us train our two female french dogs. We explained what our concerns and issues were and what issues we wanted to resolve.

Indoor training has completely changed the dogs, we can now have visitors without the dogs going mental.

Outdoor training, walking on the lead, pulling, recall and greeting other dogs. Massive improvement with their behaviour, we will continue to work with the methods Jason has taught us.”

Gatley Dog trainer


“Jason was great, really calm and in turn made our dog and us feel the same.

He didn’t over complicate things; we had problems walking our dog Harley dog de Bordeaux.

He used simple, easy to use techniques and we saw a difference straight away which we didn’t think was possible.

The next day we got all he had taught us in an email so anything we may have forgotten was all there and more to recap on.

I would recommend Jason to anyone who is having problems with their pet, he taught us a lot about Harley’s behaviour, so thanks Jason money definitely well spent.”

Brandlesholme Dog trainer

Fred and Em

” A calming and confidence inspiring approach to guiding through the issues we encountered with our dog.

Jason was able to show us the communication techniques our dog was trying to put across. Thank you.”

Ramsbottom Dog trainer


“Hi Jason, Really enjoyed the training session, it was so good to have someone come to my home and help me understand how my dog thinks and why he behaves as he does.

I started using the Kong feeding at once and this has been a great success. I continued using the commands you taught me when you left and the next morning woke up to a much calmer pet.

As we started the training for the day Bungle responded positively the first time given the command and already I don’t have to use my voice every time, hand signals only, and I am really looking forward to continuing and introducing new commands from your videos.

I have already recommended you to a friend, and would urge anyone to take this valuable step to understand and enjoy their pet more. Thank you for your help and advice Jason; it was a pleasure meeting you.”

Blackburn Dog trainer


“My dog is a terrier, the type of dog that I thought obedience was a challenge. My terrible terrier has calmed down, she is smarter than I thought.

Jason’s methods are such fun, so easily done and achievable. They can be kept up!”

Accrington Dog trainer


“I am extremely happy with the service I received. I found Jason to be very professional, approachable and above all very knowledgeable about dogs and their behaviour.

My dog Daisy absolutely loved him!

His approach to dog (and owner) training is very calm and in turn this makes the dog and you calm which is essential for the training to work.

He provided lots of help and support and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is having problems with their dog(s).

After just two sessions (and a lot of hard work from me and Daisy) I now have a dog that behaves beautifully, is a lot less stressed and who I am very proud of. Thank you Jason!”

Rising Bridge Dog trainer


“Jason was very calm and gentle with my puppy & me.

He explained everything very well – demonstrating the training, then letting me practice so I know I’m doing it correctly.

His training methods make sense to me so I am keen to practice to get the end result of a happy and well behaved dog. The training is quite time consuming, but I think it will be worth it in the end.

Jason offers phone and email follow up advice, which I find comforting to know that I can contact him if I am facing any difficulties in the future.”

Brierfield Dog trainer


“I found Jason’s method of training to be very helpful and effective and I would recommend it to anyone.

We had used other so-called dog training experts to help with our misbehaving anxious Labrador puppy but they were not effective and just made him worse and we felt like nothing would work.

Jason trained us in techniques for calming and training him which through prolonged use have helped to improve the dog’s behaviour significantly.

After a few months we have been able to remove his crate and give him much more freedom, for example he is now able to sit patiently with us while we eat rather than being locked away, we can clean the house with him around, and he is much better behaved with visitors to our house.”

Nelson Dog trainer


“Our family dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier, had become very boisterous and giddy, jumping up at visitors and mouthing them. 

He was continually licking the carpet and pulling on the lead.  Within 15 minutes of Jason being at our house and working with our dog, we could already see a difference in his behaviour.

He explained why our dog was acting in the way he was and showed us ways on how to manage his behaviour.

Now after only a week of us putting into practice he is like a completely different dog. 

The change in him is unbelievable. Jason emailed us a report on what we had discussed and links to websites showing us training tips.

I cannot recommend Jason enough and feel that this was definitely money well spent.

If you are looking for a dog behaviourist that gets results then Jason is your man, don’t waste your money looking anywhere else.  We cannot thank Jason enough. We are over the moon with the changes in our dog.”

Middleton Dog trainer


“I found the session very informative and helpful. Bella responded well to Jason and relaxed with him quickly.

I have a lot to work to do but saw a difference in walking Bella straight away using the technique.

Jason had lots of great advice for me and pointed out lots of dog body language to look out for on a daily basis to help me communicate better with my dog.”

Rochdale Dog training


“Really happy with the service I received from jason. The difference in my dog the next day was unbelievable, and the advice that jason gave me has really helped and if any other problems arise.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use his service.”

Follow Up: “just wanted to let you know. Alfie is like a different dog.”

Bolton Dog training


“The two hours flew by with Boosh sleeping for about three hours after!! Jason provided us with the tools to help us and our dog have a better relationship.”

Oldham Dog Trainer

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