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Why our clients love working with us!

Shaw Dog Behaviourist


“Excellent advice and good service whenever required”

Royton Dog Behaviourist


“Jason really helped us with our adolescent dog Sidney – the tips he gave us have helped us keep Sidney closer to us whilst off-lead on walks, and the advice he gave us regarding how to deal with issues at home have made Sidney a much calmer, more well-behaved dog.”

Uppermill Dog Behaviourist


“It was that bad my dogs where fighting each other every time. Now back to a peaceful family life.

Walk times are now lead free.
My dogs play together and now I understand my dogs”

Greenfield Dog Behaviourist


“10/10, great! Works with you and your pet. Very Knowledgeable.

I would recommend anyone who has issues with their dog to contact Jason. He has been great from start to finish with Layla.

She is a timid dog & he didn’t force his presence on her, she learnt to trust him over the weeks we had training.

Jason has taught me a lot about my dog & how she communicates to me via her body language.

He has provided helpful tips and examples both on training days and over email. He’s on hand all the time so you can call or WhatsApp, very useful to have.

He gives you confidence to get out and try the tasks with your dog. After training for a month, there is an absolute difference in Layla and I wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for him.”

Greenfield Dog Training


“Knowledgeable and effective. Jason’s attention to detail and passion is evident from initial point of contact.

Jason took the time getting to know our Arnie dog’s complex needs and we have come on leaps and bounds since, thanks to Jason’s coaching.

His action plan has enabled us to enjoy walks around other dogs whilst also educating us on dog etiquette and the intricate ways in which Arnie communicates to us when faced with previously stressful situations.

We would whole heartedly recommend Jason and his services. Thank you so much.”

Todmorden Dog Training


Jason was so calm and knowledgeable with my rescue dog, we saw improvements from the first week.

Each step was explained, demonstrated and practiced.

Through Jason explaining about a dog’s behaviour and body language it makes it easier to understand, train and bond with your dog… from almost being at the point of giving up,

I haven’t had a stressful day with my dog since week one. Jason equips you with what you need to take forward and I will continue with everything we have learned – thank you

Todmorden Dog Trainer


I thought it was personally a great experience and he is a great trainer in my opinion.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my information as I don’t think any other dog trainer is as descriptive as Jason.

Halifax Dog Trainer


Jason is amazing at what he does and what felt like a huge hurdle for us jason broke down into simple and easily attainable steps with his methods which truly are simple. I would not go to anyone else now.

Halifax Dog behaviourist


Jason approached our rescue dog in such a calm way, we saw improvements from the first session. Really good advice on how to interpret what our dog is telling us which in turn makes him easier to understand and train.

We are continuing with training every day and our bond with our dog is better for it. Would recommend!

Heptonstall Dog behaviourist


My main aim in contacting Jason was lead training and recall, I didn’t want to be dragged down the road by a 45kg puppy like I see a lot of people in my area.

People stop me now and ask if they can stroke Zeus and say how nice he walks on his lead.

I am now the proud owner of a beautiful well mannered xl bully and it’s all down to Jason and his kind training of myself and my dog, I couldn’t have done it without Jason’s help and his knowledge and I can’t thank him enough.

Lancashire Dog behaviourist


Jason is an exceptional dog trainer and I cannot thank him enough.

I rehomed an adult dog in 2022 and soon realised he had severe anxiety around other dogs.

However, with Jason’s guidance, Bailey has made amazing progress. I am finally able to thoroughly enjoy our adventures together.

Jason’s support has not only helped my dog, but it has also helped me. I am a much happier and better dog owner all thanks to Jason.

West Yorkshire Dog behaviourist

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