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Why our clients love working with us!

Honley Dog Behaviour Specialist


“Very helpful meeting with Jason. Actually taught us, as well as our two dogs. I would definitely recommend him”

Marsden Dog Behaviour Specialist


“I found the training session to be very useful for our dog Pippa. We understand Pippa much more now.

The following emails that came after the training were also very helpful.

Thank you Jason, Pippa is so much easier to walk now, we are able to notice when she is anxious and that really helps.”

Diggle Dog Behaviour Specialist


“Jason was nice, calm, explained everything he was doing and why and he put my thoughts and feelings to ease.

He was very good with Reggie and Reggie really took to him and the training has helped us massively going forward!”

Delph Dog Behaviour Specialist


“Absolutely first class service with equally as good back up information at any time.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Jason and indeed already have done.”

Milnrow Dog Trainer


“Just want to say a massive thank you to Jason who met with us on Friday. You did not disappoint!

This little madam has become very protective over our house and as a result we have had to stop visitors (with a couple of exceptions).

But now with the help off Jason I feel like I am confident and understand Whitney’s behaviour enough to invite friends round again.

We are going to put everything he said into practice and look forward to seeing the results. Thank you so so much, you have relieved a lot of anxiety for myself, my partner and the pooch!”

Newhey Dog Trainer


“Top Class. Super informative. Very professional. I listened and learned well. Just brilliant”

Castleton Dog Trainer


“Jason is just one of those people you instantly connect with and puts you instantly at ease.

His training with the dog was second to none and made us feel capable and able to carry out the training ourselves.

Think the dog fell in love with him as she did everything he asked of her, what a transformation.

Highly recommend Jason to anyone needing down to earth approach and training for their pet. Worth every single penny”

Norden Dog Trainer


“I have two dogs that respond in different ways, Jason picked up on this within a few seconds of visiting.

My dogs responded well to Jason and he put me at ease and made me feel comfortable, in turn my dogs were at ease, which is not always the case.

Would definitely recommend Jason to anyone, I believe everyone needs a Jason in their lives if they have dogs. We all need to be able to read a dog better than we do. Thank you”

Whitworth Dog Trainer


“I would recommend Jason 100%, he helped me really understand my dog and helped with my dog’s bad habits.

The emails with extra information also really helped me train my dog. He’s a lovely man who knows what he’s talking about.”

Crawshaw Booth Dog Trainer


“Jason was amazing with Cooper. We use the training daily and now know how to deal with Cooper’s anxiety.”

Shawforth Dog Trainer


“Jason and I have worked together on & off for the past two years. I value the training I receive and the confidence to know that what I teach my dog is used to better his life.

If it wasn’t for Jason I know that my dog would almost certainly have been put down due to knowing no boundaries and being scared of people.

I truly believe that Jason has given me the tools to solve difficulties, but I can always contact him if necessary. His emails are a helpful guide too.”

Shawclough Dog Trainer


“Great simple instructions, good after care service. Highly recommended”

Rochdale Dog Trainer

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